Helpful tips to successfully work from home and enjoy it...

1. Give yourself routine

Create a hoffice (home office). Make sure you’re at the desk by a set time. Continue getting up early. Organize your day according to how you think you’ll feel if you complete a certain set of challenges and let your measure of success revolve around tasks, not time.

2. Get up, shower put clothes on

DON’T STAY IN THE BED. Now shower, put some clothes on. Yes, it’s a temptation to wander around in your pajamas and make phone calls, because you can. But don’t. Wear what you like, anything other than pajamas.

3. Focus

Don’t try to do everything at once, you want to be the most efficient working-from-home-as possible. Make sure you eat and meals and snacks, but not while trying to type. This serves as a distraction. Any task you have in front of you focus on that one task. Remember Only one thing at a time.

4. Priorities: Write a To-Do list

Creating a to-do list eliminates the option of looking for something to do. The list you created also helps with self-motivation, and helping you stay on task. Also, this list gives you the option to be your own boss. Take a few minutes before you sleep every night to make a list. Prioritize at least two big tasks.

5. Set the musical mood & destroy distraction

Create a healthy working environment. Turn on the lights in the room. Create a space you would be happy to work in for your home office. Working in silence is a distraction, place soft music (jazz, blues, or favorite tunes) in the background for noise. Remove your cell phone out of reach when you’re working.

6. Work on, work off

Take your scheduled breaks and lunches. This will allow you to recharge and came back to tackle all assignments with a fresh start. Set aside time to specifically check emails that are related to work. Unless you are in a call center environment try to set aside a time to handle outbound phone calls as well. When your shift is over. STOP WORKING. Don’t randomly check emails or make calls. This easily creates burnout.

7. Get Outside

Don’t forget to stretch your legs and move around outside. Spend at least one day a week out and about. Go and see real people and have a conversation. Soak up some sun. Not only does your body need it but so do you.

Be good to yourself, work smart, learn as well as do and base it all on creating a habit to get things done.